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Hi all,

I'm looking for a tutorial on how to create a GIS-to-grasshopper workflow to generate landforms like the attached photographs. Any clues?

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I use Meerkat for all my GIS needs. [how to tutorial]

There are other gis plugins as well - here is a short and incomplete list: elk heron @it mosquito

Do you have GIS information that represents land forms like the ones in those images? I would be interested in seeing that dataset

Thank you for the plug-ins list. I am looking more about how to generate landform based on non-topographic datasets. For example, how might you generate a series to berms corresponding to tidal influx and salinity.

That would require some custom scripting in Grasshopper.

You could use Paneling Tools for the landforms. The pattern of distribution can be "influenced" by using point or line attractors/ repellers. 

the images look like cells grid or voronoi, some offset and extrude to a point with different heights, then contours....





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