algorithmic modeling for Rhino

i can't figure out why the radiation result that is always zero.

but if i switch the other computer. it work well.

it seem the problem is on the selectskymtx. it's always turn to 0.

could anyone help me?

thanks in advanced.

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I'll suggest two options (recently one of my students "suffered" the same thing):

Option 1: GO to the directory where the sky matrix is calculated (usually c:\ladybug, but check this in the output of the LB_LB component). Look for the directory with the weather station name (or so). You'll see that the file is 0 size (probably). Delete it and try activating the simulation again.

Option 2: If 1 doesn't work, define another target directory in the input of the LB_LB component.

Hope this will work for you.


Thank you Abraham!!

but i'm still confused about check the output of the LB.

is seen in my picture? and how to delete the zero size?

and option2 seems to change a weather file location? such as from desktop to the other place?

sorr... i'm not familiar with grasshopper.

thank u very much!!!

Hi Keisei,

Can you try the attached file and let me know if it works. It basically does what Abraham mentioned.

Also can you share the weather file? Taipai_02_[Nowhere] doesn't look promising! It might be because the values are missing from the weather file.



Thank u Mostapha!!

sure! i have attached the file.

but i have tired before.  it's seem works well.

thank in advanced!!


i find something new!

WEA file is the Ecotect weather file format (also used for Daysim). This probably making you trouble. Try to use an EPW file.

Usually the EPW files size is about 1.5Mb. The file you attached is just 138 k.



it doesn't work...

Keisei, You should provide more information for us to be able to help. You can download an epw file from different sources:

hi Mostapha!!

i have downloaded the wea file on your website.

and i try the Abraham's file to use your wea file. but i fail again. i find someone seems has the same problem with me. and i try his method,it doesn't work. here is the link.

i have the key error too

thank u Mostapha!!

I updated the file and it is working for me. Try it.


And now the file attached.


hi  Abraham,

i try it again. but it fail again. i mean it's not the file problem.

i switch my file to the other laptop. it works well. i think maybe my mac lack some file that need for ladybug?

thank u  Abraham~






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