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Hello, I am working on my first energy model using Honeybee.  I am trying to see if there is a faster way to create core and perimeter zones rather than drawing them out in Rhino (which I'm also quite new to using).

My question is about the SplitMass component.  On each level of the building I am modelling I know that there will be an unconditioned plant room on one end (along the perimeter).  Is it possible to use the SplitMass component to generate core & perimeter zones for just the conditioned masses?  When I use it, the component doesn't "know" there is an unconditioned zone next to the conditioned one, so it generates a perimeter zone along what is actually an internal wall.

Is there a way to signal to the component that one side of the conditioned room is against an unconditioned space, so it doesn't need a perimeter zone there?  Or is there another method for creating zones that I should be using?

I've attached a sample gh script with screenshots of the actual zones that come out and the zones that I want (apologies for the ms paint-level drawing!).

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Hi Priya, Since split mass happens before creating the zones it doesn't know which zone is conditioned and which one is not. For case like your you can develop a custom script fairly easily to automate the process.

Thanks, Mostapha, that is a good point!

Hi Priya,

You can do something on this line.


Hi Devang, thank you, this is very helpful!  It's very clear that after this project I'll need to focus on picking up more grasshopper skills.






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