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Dear Ladybug community,

After using this forum for the last couple of years we’re moving the discussions to a modern environment to make it easier for the community to help each other. As good as this forum has been it is quite hard to search and has several limitations in what we need for a modern discussion forum.

The new Ladybug Tools discussion forum is using discourse and is currently accessible at For the reasons that I will discuss below it is currently set to “by invitation only” mode which means you won’t be able to create an account unless you receive an invitation.

We have already transferred all the current discussions (excepts for the ones that are created today) and members from the Grasshopper forum to the new website by creating an account for each of the current group members and recreating all the discussions that they have created or replied to. You must send us an email to claim your account.

What will happen next?

This discussion forum is already set to the invite only mode. In a week from now the discussion section will be hidden. You can still access the old discussions using the direct links but you won't be able to create a new discussion on this forum. All the new discussions and the replies to the current discussions should happen at

What should you do first?

We need your Grasshopper profile Id and the email address that you would like to use to create the activate your new account. That way you will be credited for all the discussions created and replies posted and own the account for the future.

You can find your grasshopper ID at the end of your grasshopper profile page. For example my ID is MostaphaSadeghipour (

Specially, if you have contributed to the forum it is very important to send us your email so we can create the posts under your username. We will only use this email address to create your account and won’t share it with any third-party.

Please send your emails to ( as soon as possible. This process currently involves some manual work and it may take some time before you receive the email. We will do our best to send you the email as soon as possible.

Let us know if you have any questions.



PS: If you didn't receive an email within 2 days check your spam/junk folder. Let us know if there is any other issues.

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