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I just started playing around with Ladybug (great by the way) but I am still trying to get the hang of the whole thing. Is it possible you could upload a sample sunpath file to fully understand all the components.

I am wondering if there is any way of scaling the sunpath itself before baking. I am also having triuble customizing the color output.

I would greatly appreciate any info you can give us on this.



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Hi Andres,

Absolutely! Sun-Path is one of my favorites! :) I will record a tutorial or write a full post for the sun-path this weekend. Once I do it, I will leave a comment for this discussion and let you know.



Hi Mostapha!

Thanks for the quick reply! I will be looking forward to that.
I also had a question about toggling on shadows if possible at all? Or Shadow studies along with the sunpath!


Hi Andres,

You are totally right! The shadow studies should be there... I have been thinking about it and there are possibilities to use the Rhino sun function to run the study on Rhino objects but it doesn't work for Grasshopper geometries (read more here). I also tried Mesh/Mesh Intersection approach (similar to this), the result wasn't promissing at all. Not sure if there is any solid approach that I should try.

The possibility for now is to use sunlight-hours study component with sun-path and change the colors of the result. It will be slow but it will work. I will cover this is the in the tutorial.


PS: Can you please tell me more about your issue with customizing the colors? Thanks.

I forgot to say that Andrew already applied the first method in his HDT Utilities . He shows how can you use it in this video:

Hi Andres,

I haven't forgotten this! I just had some unexpected stuff on the weekend. Will get back to you ASAP! -Mostapha

Hi Andres! Check this discussion for the videos, and sorry for being late! -Mostapha






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