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Hi everyone,

Since a few days I have searched solution for my project and I couldn't find, so I hope you will be able to help me.

I have to do Sun analysis for my final project and I found out that the best for it is Ladybug, so I have been starting to watch some tutorials ( also it's my first time when Im using Grasshopper) in order to fix it. I think that less or more I've done my Sun Path, but now there is a problem which I cannot solve.

My building is the green one, and I want to extend it as long as I can. But becouse of regulations I cannot overshadow the building ( only the red surface)  which is next to my. The minium hour of shadowed has to be 1,5 -2.

Is it any chance to extend my building according to requirments which I wrote ? Some parametric solution ? Or do I have to do it manually by trial and error?

Ps. I heard that Galapagos is a tool which could help me, but I've no idea what it is :(


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This is an interesting question. You don't need to use Galapagos for this as there are analytical approaches to find the volume. Here is one approach that you can use the solve the problem.

1. Create the maximum volume that you can extrude.

2. Find the problematic area on your surface (check this example on Hydra).

3. Break down the volume into smaller pieces or a grid.

4. Shoot back the sun-rays from the points and find how many of rays are block by each piece.

5. Sort them based on the damage that they make and start removing from the most problematic ones.

6. At some point you'll find the minimum number of cells that you need to remove to get your target number of hours for all the points on the surface.

This might be a little bit hard for a beginner to put together though. Give it a try and let us know if you can't figure it out yourself.

Check the attached definition for an example which follows the directions that I shared above.


It looks very complex but I will do my best to figure it out. Since morning I've been studying previous definition and I stucked, I mean it takes a time in order to understand all of comands. But okie, I'm turning to. Thank you ;)

Hi Mostapha,

I think that I understood your definition , In retrospect I see that my previous questions wasn't too smart. I wanted to replace your geometry and test surface on mine, I added "Bounding Box", and now I am trying to figure out how to make "Inclusion test".  But I don't understand why, when I add a new "test surface" my file is crashing or the surface is totally yellow, and even I canoot see "MeshRay". I mean it looks like there is no problematic points. If you could check my files out and explain me how could I fix it I would be very grateful.
I came to conclusion that maybe the problem is about the scale of my geometry, but I don't know.

Also I checked your orginal gh. file, I modyfied your surface and it's done yellow too.







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