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Hi All.

I have recently been diving into LB+HB.
After a slight bumb its now running smoothly (wuhoo great work devs) and I am making template files for the architecture office i'm working at.

A colleague made an interesting question:Is it possible to run the simulation in silent mode?
So the cmd.exe shell window does not pop up?

This made me think: Is it possible to make the shell window hidden and somehow pass a progress status from the simulation into grasshopper?
So it would be possible to make a "Simulation running" pop up in the grasshopper window or in the 3D viewport until its done.

This would make the experience of using LB+HB very smooth in everyday uses. And could be nothing more than a Boolean value. Output:"simulation running" -> True or False

Thanks for the feedback.

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Hi Ejnar,

Run EnergyPlus in silent mode is possible. If you don't want to see command shell, you should write "2" into a panel component and connect it to runEnergyPlus_. However, when you run simulations your machine will be frozen, thus you cannot edit your workflow anyway.


and somehow pass a progress status from the simulation into grasshopper?

It should be possible to push it to Rhino actually however it's not possible in Grasshopper. Miguel already does it for Icarus so we should ask him about the process.

Using Rhino progress bar is a possibility, the trick is getting the external application to give you feed back while it is running. I am not sure if it can be done with a cmd application. 
With a quick google search ( it seems possible.
Regarding the second point on hiding the cmd it can be done. I've manage to do it int he past but I was not successful 100% got an annoying pop up window. But I am sure it can be done.
I will try and implement it in Icarus and maybe we can take it to all the Ladybug apps.

Thanks Miguel! Hiding the cmd is already implemented in HB as Antonello mentioned above. I will check the link for the progress bar.

Wow! The speed at which you guys reply to these threads is incredible.

My colleagues dont believe the support in OS world beat many proprietary products and their support systems.

Thanks for the tip on the invisible window. Works wonders!

It sounds as though the progress bar is possible which is great because heavy operations like these simulations kind of need feedback to stop people panicking when the computer does not respond a couple of minuts :)

Once again awesome response time...

Would like to back up Ejnar on that.

I was running some daylight simulations the first time yesterday and thought my computer froze, but turned out I had high quality rendering going on, so it just tool a while. 

Was the progress bar being evaluated by someone?
I would like to take a look but I am new to coding in rhino and GH so if anyone else has a better picture of how to do it...?






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