algorithmic modeling for Rhino


I have the same issue as perscribed above (producing script, downloading EPW file, toggling useoldres." But the results are the same.

My intentions for the analysis is to find the hot and cool spots on the groundp lanes for pedestrians so I can design a shading system (later). In a sense the grond is the geometry and the buildings are the context.

Any help on troubleshooting this would be appreciated!

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Is the normal direction of ground upwards?

Hi Mostapha. I changed the direction, and the results were the same.

I reposted to the forum link found here:

Your _disFromBase input should be a positive value (you are giving -0.707) like 0.1.

Also pay attention that your geometry in rhino is duplicated.



Hi Devang,

Thanks for your reply. It looks good. However, when I plug in the script it provides me the same thing as before. Any suggestions?


Ryan, What is the output of the selectSkyMtx component on your system. Let's first make sure the sky in generated correctly.

The message states "KeyError 1860."


Hi Ryan, I didn't encounter any problem using your GH file with Toronto's epw file:






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