algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi Folks,

Can anyone share a gh example file on how to map an image in radiance?  I am trying to study a frit pattern in radiance.  Modeling the frit and using it with radiance is getting painful.


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Hi Ibby,

Maybe you can find some reference from Axel Jacob's "Radiance Cookbook":

- Ji

Hi Grasshope,

I was hoping to setup the daylight with Honeybee radiance.  The radiance cookbook does not use the honeybee interface.  I am hoping someone on the forum can help with an example script.


There is no easy way. I wrote a custom script for this purpose which I don't have access to it anymore. The link that Grasshope has shared is in the right direction. You will need and obj exporter. You also have to use Human to set the initial mapping inside Rhino/Grasshopper. I have so much on my plate right now and can't commit to add new features right now but if someone else has time to implement it I can share how I think it should be done / I have done it before.

Hi Mostapha,

Thanks for all your help. The whole LB/HB community understands how busy you must be trying to develop this and support the users at the same time.  If I knew python I would surely have helped you.  Maybe I should learn python and make myself useful here.

Can you share the paper you had published on this subject?  I may try to take a crack at it.


Thank you for the nice comments. Since we're currently rewriting honeybee I have to minimize the time that I spent on the legacy version right now. You can find the paper here.

Thank you






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