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Hello people.

Have a quick question.

When you "prepare geometry", how do you generate windows?

I started my journey into HB with Chris's tutorials first, where he keep surfaces untouched and just create windows as coplanar surfaces where he needs.

Then I saw Mostapha's "punching" method and got a bit confused. Is there any difference or it is just a matter of one's approach?

Both ways seem to give same results, can you comment on this? I'd like to go Chris's minimalistic way but want to be sure there are no caveats.


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While i'm not sure your image is describing both approaches, as far as i remember your description is chronological. Chris's video was first. There you define surface by surface and punch the windows where needed.

After that Mostapha implemented a more "automatic" method where you can input your surfaces and windows and the method will find which windows belong to which surfaces.

Both approaches work fine.


Hi Abraham,

Yeah, image is a bit unclear, but it is showing Mostpha's method under Geometry Preparation and Chris's way is kinda hanging above. 

I just like to have least possible stuff around, but without compromising the result.


Maybe we are talking about different things now that you said the image is indeed showing both approaches.

The one above is unclear for me since there you are not differentiating between opaque and glazing surfaces. While in the below it is clear.

Always is better to attach the files so people can see the whole picture.


True, I've modified the file for an easier understanding.

Also, I realised that in his tutorial Chris used this way for different purpose, not Daylight Simulation. What I also realised is that I completely forgot about the addHBGlz component, my bad.

Chris's tutorial


The approach at the top is short. Both of them lead to the same outcome. So don't worry about differences in results.

Use whatever you feel more comfortable. Just one more thing, the oucome are good for daylight ... until you make them zones.


Thanks, got it. Just check the zoning, didn't work like you said.

Abraham said it all. I will try to provide a more comprehensive answer with some examples soon. I will be on a deadline for the next couple of days.






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