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hi all

I know this is might be a dumb question. but anyway i'm asking coz i could not find the answer in material related discussions here. 

1- now after installing honey bee to my UNI PC it does not load the recent EP material lib updated with honeybee last version

which includes different thicknesses other than 3mm clear glass

I have these loaded to my laptop version.

any idea how to fix it? 

2- I need to know the reference for climate zones numbering in the EP cons. Lb. especially when it comes to CIBSE default materials. 

how can I know which climate zone I'm working on according to the CIBSE and ASHAREA codes so, I can assign the materials accordingly? 

thank you in advance



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1. What is the error message?

2. Use Ladybug_Import Stat component. I'm not sure about CIBSE climate zones but for ASHRAE it will give you what you need.

1- there are no errors

It is just lacks some materials.
Older version clear glass was only 3mm
Newer version clear glass has 3mm 2.5mm till 12mm

Those are not loaded for some reason although it is updated version of honeybee

2- what was your reference for creating CIBSE exterior walls for example ?

hi again mostapha, 

i bet this is also a dull question but do you have any ideas about the reason why the libraries is not loaded similarly 








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