algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I'm super excited I found this plug-in and will tell EVERYONE I know about this! but I can't even seem to get it started- Both the daily and annual sunpath are set to true and the warning messages although funny (image) is not helpful..maybe someone can shed some light on the situation?

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Hi Nada,
Grab the ladybug_ladybug component from the first tab and set letItFly to True. Then it should work fine.
There is also a sample file that might help you to get started.

Hey Mostapha,

AWESOME thank you so much for the quick reply and such an amazing plug-in! I already posted LadyBug on my facebook page I can't wait to rock this!





Hi Nada! Good to know that you liked it. This is the Facebook page for Ladybug if you want to be posted on Facebook:

hi Mostapha.. ladybug wont fly with me, it says
1. Default file path can't have white space. Please set the path to another folder.
Ladybug failed to fly! :(

please help






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