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Hello everyone,

I have been trying for a while now (quite unsucesfully) to make a detailed model following appendix G of ASHRAE 90.1. using honeybee to comply with LEED v3 requirements.

I´ve been in contact with Anton Szilasi who kindly adviced me to look for other software options more suitable for this kind of model. I just wanted to know if anyone has tried to do something similiar and if someone has any advice. It is a 7 story office building with  4 semi-underground basement levels. 


Arturo Reyes

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Hi Arturo, To be able to help with this question you need to be more specific on why you have been unsuccessful for building your model?

Hello Mostapha,

Thank you for responding.

I started with an overly clomplex model and had lots of trouble with adjacencies. Then it was so big that it just would´t run.  I am trying to simplify it as much as possible to then just write an OSM file to work with it on OpenStudio and see if I can do some studies of a VRF system cooled with either water or air. Also I think I might need to export two OSM files and I´m not sure how to merge them. I saw a thread Chris Mackey posted about doing that in sketchup´s openstudio plugin.  I am not sure if the honeybee-OpenStudio path is a smart way to do a detailed model.

I´m attaching the files in case you want to take a look.

Thanks again







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