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I have the latest version of Ladybug and Honeybee installed in my computer and working fine until this morning !! When I turned my computer this morning, the LB and HB components are missing from the tabs bar as shown in the screenshot

When I checked the User Object folder, I can see all the files there. I removed LB&HB and reinstalled it and still the same issue. When I open an old script, I can see all the components in GH canvas and I can run the script.

Has anyone faced this issue before? Or do you know how can I fix it?

Thank you,


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Hi Mohammed, 

If you use custom layout ribbon for the grasshopper, user objects not shown when you use your own layout.

It's a bug for grasshopper and you need to switch to default layout. 



Thank you Omid !

Yes, this was the issue. 






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