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While the Ladybug and Honeybee components appear to have installed properly on the ExplicitHistory version of the Rhino for Mac WIP, they have "failed to fly".

I see icons, I can place components, but the LB and HB appear to be looking for a path to a default folder. I can't supply this as my path contains spaces and or other illegal characters.

Is this a file path issue between UNIX and Windows conventions? In Python? In something deeper? 

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Hey Aaron,

I am somewhat familiar with the source-code for Honeybee. The reasons for the failed flight are all of .."Is this a file path issue between UNIX and Windows conventions? In Python? In something deeper? ".. these and then some more.

As this simple search in the source code will tell you, right now at least Honeybee is meant to be run on Windows. There is a cross-platform version already in the works which will run seamlessly across different platforms.


(I don't know if what I said above applies to Ladybug as well as I am not involved in that project).

Your explanation is spot-on, Sarith, and I can confirm that Ladybug is also Windows only at the moment.  The new version of Ladybug in the works ( should also be cross-platform.

Thank you for taking it for a test drive, Aaron.  Just to understand what it would take for us to recreate the interface in Rhino for Mac, were you able to install GHPython and get it to run correctly?


I think ghPython is running.

Awesome.  Very good to know.

Hi Aaron.

As already discussed it will be hard to imagine Honeybee to fully work on the Mac version currently but Ladybug should work for the most part.

What path did you try to provide to the Ladybug_Ladybug component?


Hey guys,

is there any update on this matter? RhinoWIP and gh seem to work on my Mac but the Ladybug doesn't fly! Has anyone been successful to get it to work? And is the new Ladybug-Version already available?


Hi Alfred,

The new version is [almost] available for honeybee but not for Ladybug yet. Some of the users told me that they are able to use the current Ladybug on mac by copying the userobjects. What's the error on your side?


Hey Mostapha,

thanks for your reply. I know from the Windows version, that you can simply »drag and drop« Ladybug into your grashopper interface and then you're ready to go. That doesn't work with Mac and I have no idea, how to install it. What are those userobjects you are talking about?

Furthermore, do I have to install Python or is it already included in RhinoWIP?


Does Grasshopper for Rhino for Mac has an item under file to let you find the folder for userobjects? You should copy them there.

I'm not sure about python. I would double click on the canvas and type "Python" and see if it shows up.







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