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I have some questions regarding the analysis period in Ladybug. If I enter in the hours from 9-15 with a 4 (15min) time step the last item in the sunPositionInfo output displays 14:45. Does this mean that the 3pm vector isn't being calculated? Is this a bug or is this intended to work this way?


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Hi Paul,

I would say the best solution in this case is to use timeStep in both sunpath and sunlight hours. You can generate several sun positions for the single hour and use them instead of using two sun vectors.


Hi Paul,

This is great! I had just come across this issue within ladybug when my colleague raised a question as to why the sun position is an hour off during our summer here in the southern hemisphere. 

Mostapha, can I please request the option to edit whether or not we are in a daylight saving zone for these purposes? 

Thanks again guys!

Hi Elzine. It has been implemented and will be available in ladybugX.

Hi Mostapha. Has this been implemented yet? I'm in the process of updating my scripts. Ladybug version 0.65 doesn't appear to have been updated based on this discussion.

When you say ladybugX do you mean Ladybug/Honeybee Plus? I've tried this but am getting an error.

Also I understand a lot of the Ladybug components have been moved into Honeybee Plus. If I use Ladybug/Honeybee Plus which components do I need to use to replace the 'SunlightHoursAnalysis' component found in the legacy Ladybug? I'm guessing I will need to use test points instead of geometry (mesh or brep) and that other users will need to install Radiance. Is there a benefit in using the Plus version if I am just using Ladybug and not Honeybee?

Paul, I appreciate it if you can update this discussion based on our conversations offline.

It might be a bit too late now but having experienced the same problem, this little cluster helped to solve the issue. It uses Heliotrope and Julian day to feed Ladybug+Honeybee with the generated sun vectors.

For month or year analysis it only uses a timestep of 1 as too reduce computation time..

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