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Hey Guys, 

I seem to be having a peculiar problem with Lady bug. I'm trying to get sunlight hours for a list of geometries but the result seems to be incorrect. It would seem that I would see more solar hours on the south side but every time I run the simulation the result shows the south side to have the least number of sun light hours. I have attached the .gh file below along with the epw file. You might have to load the epw twice. Would really appreciate the help. 

Thank you!

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The normal direction of the surface indicates the orientation and not their relative position in Rhino scene. In your case the normal directions are backwards so the surfaces located on the south side are actually facing north. Flip the surfaces and use them as test geometries.

So I flipped the faces but now all the faces are mono color. Please find attached.


Your original file works for me.

You are using incredible old version of LB. This is not the cause of your question, but still ...


It makes sense. The surfaces that are facing the same direction will receive the same amount of sunlighthours unless you have an obstruction (context). I attached the file.


Hi Perry,

I'm getting same results. Update your LB.






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