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Hello guys. while studying the bee. I came to problem with the solve adjacencies component. When should it be used ans what it does?

I'm on my phone,right now but,I will post an image and file with my problem

thank you

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My understanding is that, if you have two connected zones (i.e. with walls overlapping) then it looks for where the walls overlap, and splits the wall(s) so that the overlapping walls become separate surfaces from the non-overlapping walls.

You are then free, for example, to set the overlapping walls as air walls, and the non-overlapping walls as brick walls or windows.

Hi Claudio and James,

Claudio- James is right. It does find the adjacent surfaces and change boundary conditions for both surfaces. As James said you can also assign a new construction or boundary condition. It will be mainly useful for multizone energy simulation.

It doesn't split the walls right now (however I think it should!). There is a different component to split the surfaces right now that you can use before mass to zone creation. It can be merged with findAdj later.

Thank You Its more clear now. But do I need to solve the adjacencies if for example all my windows int partitions and walls are defined. I understand that the adjacencies component is there when the study is done on a massing (less defined geometry).

Also the  solve adjc component shown on the your image has an input (altBC) that can define an insulated system. Is this for the upcoming thermal analysis......

thank you

Yes. [If you are running an energy simulation] You still need to use this component so Honeybee can match the surfaces and their constructions, otherwise even if the surfaces are perfectly adjacent EnerrgyPlus will assume "Outdoor" as the boundary condition so you won't see the effect. This is the case either you are creating the model surface by surface or from a mass.

True. There are changes to the component so it can work better for energy simulation.

Hello, Mostapha. I have a 5 room model, and I have used the intersect masses to solve all the adjacencies and after that I have created 5 zones. Can I connect those zones at the energy plus component or do I have to connect all the zones at HoneyBee Solve Adjacencies component before I connect to the energy plus component? 

I have tried both ways. When I use only the intersect masses everything goes well, but when I connect the 5 zones at the Solve Adjacencies Component before connecting at "runEnergy Simulation" component I get severe error.

What is the error message? If the zones are adjacent then you need to connect it after solving the adjacency.

My script is attached! If you could take a look for me would be a great help!

Thanks a lot.


Mostapha, I could not solve the problem until now. Can you please check my model that I have sent here? Would be of very great help.


Thank you!






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