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I am having a problem running honeybee and I see an Runtime Error; Win32Exception.

The problem started when I uninstalled HB/LB and reinstalled the new version, and now I am getting the error. 

From Radaince, Eplus and OpenStudio, I ONLY re-installed OSM again to save it in C:\program files rather than the automatic location that it selects. My radiance and Eplus are the same old ones. 

My radiance is located in C:\radiance

OpenStudio is in in C:\program files\Open studio

EnergyPlus is in C:\EnergyPlus V8.5

I read a previous post about this error but that did not solve my issue.

In another example file from Hydra, when I connected a panel to my Honeybee component,  I saw:

Failed to sort OpenStudio installation folders. I don't know if that is the same problem or not. 

Would you please tell me what could be causing this error? 

I appreciate your help.



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Hi Ladan,

Did you check c:\ladybug folder? Is the folder created? This error happens when Windows cannot create or write to a folder. What happens if you change the defaultFolder_?


Hi Mostapha

Thanks for your response. I do see C:\ladybug on my computer.

I feel that it is because of my OpenStudio or EnergyPlus because I can see daylighting results but not energy simulations.

I read on other discussions that OpenStudio should be in C:|program files and since it automatically wants to be located on C:\OpenStudio, I created a folder myself in C:\program files and called it OpenStudio and saved the openstudio documents there while installing. 

In regards Eplus, I have had all versions including V-8.3 and V-8.5 before re-installing LB+HB. HB picks V-8.3 automatically. I don't know if that could be a problem too. 

Please help me to get these bugs fly again! 



Hi Ladan,

Can you please try C:\EnergyPlusV#### and C:\openstudio-###?

Following are directories on my machine. They work perfectly.



Thank you very much Devang! 

the problem was that I installed OpenStudio 2.2 and it did not work. now I have OpenStudio 1.12 and it is working fine!

thanks again


Hi Ladan

I have the same problem,
I installed the older version of E+, but I can't find the Openstudio version 1.12 on the internet. Can you tell me where did you find it please ?


Hi Hosna,

Here's the link to Openstudio 1.12 as referenced here.

Thank you Anton :)






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