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Hi Mostapha and Chris,

Just finished to see the whole video series on HB. Awesome Chris!

After that i have some questions regarding the addToEPLibrary component.

1. Adding an element to the library will make this element available for all new GH file or just for the specific GH where it is defined?

2. Where the library is located? It is the jason file?

3. If i added an element to the library, and the general library is updated becouse of a new version of HB or any other reason, i will loose my "personal" elements? If so, how can i back them up?



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Forgot to ask also the following:

I have a very long list of local materials and constructions. Is there a way to input them externally to the library? It will be very painful to do that one by one.


Hi Abraham,

1. Right now it will be only added to the memory for the current project.

2. When you add it to the library using the component it will be in the memory and won't be written to any file (I know what you are thinking about now, read the next one).

3 & 4. In case you have materials and constructions already created just copy them to "LadybugFolderOnYourMachine\userCustomLibrary.idf" and it will be loaded every time you let the Honeybee fly. This is your custom library and won't be ever overwritten. You can copy any standard material, construction or schedule and it will be added to Honeybee library.


These are all very good questions that should also have answers in the video tutorial series.  I think I will put up another video at some point that shows the workflow for adding constructions to the userCustomLibrary.  When it is up, I will post in here so that other users that find this page will know.

Thanks for watching all of the videos, Abraham!

Very useful instruction information. tx

some issues solved in the procces:

1. energyplus instalation idfeditor for adding materials interface (keeping organized)
2. replace ñ character to n (useful for spanish speakers like me or another languages)

I found 2 usercustomeplibrary.idf files: in the c:\ladybug and c:\user...\...appdata\roaming... folders. I found HB reads custom materials and constructions from first folder.






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