algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello guys im trying to understand D.A. and also figure it out how can it be donne un Ladybug/honeybee.

any suggestions?

thank you all

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Hi Claudio,

The DA definition, taken from Daysim:

The daylight autonomy at a point of interest in a building is defined as the fraction of the occupied times per year, when the required minimum illuminance level at the point can be maintained by daylight alone. In contrast to the more commonly used daylight factor, the daylight autonomy considers all sky conditions throughout the year. It can nowadays be reliably simulated using dynamic daylight simulation methods.

I suggest you to look at example "06_annualDaylightAnalysis_I_gettingStarted" of Honeybee, step 9 at the file. You should manage from there.


Thanks Abraham, I'll give that a try and maybe post something here


Ok I manage to analyse DLA. But I still have aquestion. In the defiition of DLA ( As well as in The daylight handbook I ( which I recommend to everyone interested in daylight metrics. The definition always talks about 50% of the occupancy period. In HB the component only returns the DLA as a % of the Occ. Period.

Is the 50% of Occ.Period required or DLA can also work as given by the HB component?

thank you all

Hi Claudio

Could you please share the file for the DLA

Im struggling to reach it using honeybee and ladybug


I've found this site helpful when trying to understand D.A. in the past:






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