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The attached GH file works fine before I update LB+HB. The following explains the error.

1. Previously, I was using the previous version of set EP construction component (Aug 10, 2016):

2. which can get the correct results with cooling loads:

3. After I update LB+HB, a warning is given for the set EP construction component:

4. so I replaced it with the latest one (Feb 05, 2017):

5. Now the cooling loads is missing from the result for reason unknown ...

May I ask if the missing cooling loads is related to the latest update of LB+HB? What component update is causing this problem?

BTW, I'm using Singapore's epw file, and for a tropical city, there should be no heating energy at all. So, sth clearly is wrong over here ...


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it seems that the Run OpenSudio component can get the correct output variables for the same model:

But the top three output variables and mechanicalVentilationEnergy variable are missing from the result file produced by the Run EP simulation component:

Appreciate if you can kindly advise the source of this issue, because we need to use the Run EP Simulation component to get the output related to PV generator, kind of urgently....



Hi Ji,

No much help from my side. I recreated your results.

Please reinsert the HB_EPOutput. The number of inputs changed. The truth is that the HBgeneration_ dissapeared and i don't know where you can get the effect of this one back now.

I also inserted, and used the new LB_updateGHFile. It shows more updates that the normal one doesn't catch (for instance the EPOutput).

I assume Chris will check thoroughly why the outputs are not consistent, but my question is why you can't use the OS outputs instead the E+'s? At the end both of them are running E+.


And this discussion answers the question about the HB)Generation. But you probably already noticed Chris's response, but just to be clear here, just in case.


Thanks, Abraham.

The reason to use the Run EP component is because it can get the PV related output.

Nevertheless, it seems I'm getting more and more errors:

1. using the previous GH file, I added the updated Run EP simulation component which still didn't output cooling loads, and the html file is not generated at all although its address is indicated:

2. So, following Abraham's suggestion, i tried the new LB-updateGHFile component which gives the following error:

3. in addition, the mass intersection component gives a warning for which replacing this component doesn't seem to help....

The GH file with these errors is attached here. Hope you guys can kindly advise:

1. why the cooling loads output is missing

2. why the LB-updateGHFile is not working

3. why the mass intersection component suddenly stops working ....

Thanks a lot.


One of those days, ah?

As for the mass intersection, i also get this, but since i noticed there is only one brep there is no need to use it. I just connected the brep with the following component. I assume that if you have 2 or more breps it will work fine.

As for the errors with the updater, try to recompute the file ...


Thanks, Abraham.

Recompute the file doesn't seem to solve the LB_updateFile component issue.

Strangely, the mass intersection component is back to normal after reopen the GH file ...

Hi Ji, Thank you for the detailed report. Back to the update component issue. Are you using Rhino and Grasshopper on Mac? Can you test the attached file for updating the file? It should give a more detailed error report.


Thanks, Mostapha.

I got the following warning for the GH file your provided:


the attached simple example file shows the missing output from the result file produced by the Run EnergyPlus component which is not an issue when using the Export to OpenStudio component:


It seems there are two "\n" new line symbols accidentally missing from line 2314 andd 2315 of the code for the current runEergySimulation component. This causes the "zone ideal loads supply air total cooling energy" variable tangled with other output variables in one line in the idf file:

1. current code of line 2314 andd 2315:

2. current output variable section in the idf file:

3. revised code with the "\n" new line symbol added:

4. correct IDF file with the cooling loads outpu variable in a separate line:

5. cooling loads can now be correctly calculated and read:

Please kindly verify if this is the source of issue, and if this is the case, I'd appreciate if the current runEP component can be updated.


- Ji.







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