algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi everybody,

I am struggling with this file attached in order to create a closed zone.

Can you help me?

Where is the problem? What is wrong with the Rhino? All the srfs are planar and i think the zone is closed, but it is not. I have checked also the normals and the tollerance (0.001), is it good?  

Can you help me to find the problem??

Thanks a lot in advance


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Hi Claudia,

Piece of cake, for 3D printing I assume?

Here is a tool tip, use it to find naked or non-manifold edges in a clipping model. Basically problem was in a few tiny clipping faces or something like that.

Also, tiny gaps are not your friends XD


Thanks a lot Tim,

I am really bad with Rhino and Grasshopper actually and every new file is a new hard adventure unfortunately.. But step by step I hope to get better as soon as possible.

Anyway, regarding the file i have attached, it was for a daylight and energy analysis.

I have just exploded your file in order to give to each surface the right characteristics (as RADmaterial, type, construction and so on)..and yes i have now a closed zone, so thanks..

BUT why have I now a <null> zone from the "createHBZones" component? indeed i cannot see it in Rhino when I ask for the preview :(

Can you help me again??

Thanks a lot in advance


I don't have an extensive experience with HB, but as far as I know zones have to be closed too, I assume that you will have to subdivide your model in closed zones in order to make HB understand the geometry properly. 

I can be wrong here because I see that you use surfaces to create zones, I'm afraid my experience here is limited.

This is where I can only recommend you watch Chris's or Mostapha's tutorials on this matter to have a good start.

Always good to include the GH file with the geometry internalised.


Hi Abraham,

my problem now is that even if in Rhino I have a closed plysurface (joining all the surfaces), in Grasshopper-HoneyBee I still have an open Brep.

The thing to have more than one floor could be the problem?? I mean, the roof of the first floor is the floor of the second floor (sorry for the word pun).

Could be that the problem??

Thanks in advance



Hi Claudia

I checked your model and it is a geometry issue. There were two sets of surfaces on the NW and SE that I have coloured red that were messing up in honeybee. Joining and exploding seems to be a quick fix. 

In these instances I bake a wireframe from the HBZones to see if there are any double counting of curves. If there are then this tends to be the problem area as there should only be one edge curve.

(oh also one of your walls was on a floor layer - I've changed that too)




Thanks a lot Duncan!!!

It finally works! Thanks again and thanks also for your advices!







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