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I'm exporting baked geometry to Illustrator. It works fine, but when i do that in a perspective view the legend and title are not showing in Illustrator. In plan view it works fine.

Baking the legend from the output components seems to work fine.

This can be an LB+HB issue or is more Rhino related?



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Hey Abraham,

Just tried it out, have the same problem...

(export with text and hatches for AI)

Abraham and Tim,

Thanks for bringing this up. The issue seems to be that Rhino does not export the text objects to illustrator unless the view is in the same plane as the text.

If we find an export method that we like for this type of case, I can implement a bake option for it. Some possible things that we should test/try to see if they work or if we like them:

1) Add the text as text dots - I don't know if this will work but, if it does, this seems to be the only way that we could get editable text from a perspective export to illustrator.

2) Add the text as black hatches- this will export the text as black-colored vector objects (like the colored hatches of the mesh currently). So the text will not be editable in Illustrator but it will look the way that it does in Rhino, you can change the color of it, and you can scale it.

If you let me know your thoughts on this, we can put together a plan. I'll try to put together some examples of what I am talking about in case this is not clear.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your answer. For me the option of editing the text is not a must, but i can understand that this can be important for other users.

I was using a different option for baking before you implemented the wonderful bake options lately. It uses some of the Human plugin. It is not working smoothly, as for the colored result meshes. Also the text is not editable. See attached. Yours is much better, besides the text in perspective.

So for me, whatever option that is easy to implement will be very fine.




Hey Chris,

I usually work with top view and edit the text a bit afterwards. Maybe this will be fixed in Rhino 6? Right now I don't have much to complain about and I like how you give bake options.

Any ideas about HUD or this is for much later release?

Abraham and Tim,

It sounds like this feature is less critical and I will plan to implement it when I add in the ability to bake meshes with image-mapped textures.  I've added a note to this on the github:

I have a feeling that this implementation will happen after we have converted over to the new Honeybee API and so this might not happen until a release or two from now.

Still, I promise it won't fall completely off the table.


Thanks Chris.

Sure it is not critical.

What i did is to bake the mesh legend output. This is recognized in Illustrator as vector, non editable (just in case someone else is still looking for a solution).







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