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Hi, I'm using the latest version of honeybee and ladybug. I would like to add a shading context to my geometry, but I cant find the shading-component in this version.

Is the component still there? 


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Found it, it's called Shading-Mask

The result I get is a custom sky-dome with my shading context as a percantage that is shading. I would like to know now: is it possible do use this value to create a custom sky? 

So that my simulation results are calculated with regard to the context that is shading my geometry?

Hi Anastasia,

Are you using Honeybee or Ladybug? If you model the geometries as context/HBObjects they will be considered as shading surfaces in the analysis. You don't need to change the sky.



I am also in the issue with HB and sun shading.

It is crucial to for me make a shadow studies on complex roofing to optimalize solar panels on top. Unfortunately it contains a lot of faces (600) and HB is creating gif 0mb. when I try same definition with less surfaces script is working properly. How can I fit it to my parametric roofing structure?


Could you provide a file for this to have a look at the problem and what you are trying to do?

File attached.


Hi Sylwia,

For complex geometries it's always better to use MSH2RAD component for daylighting studies. One of the breps was making oconv to crash. Check the attached file.

PS: Thanks Elzine for the note!


Thank you Mostapha for helpful answer!

Kind regards.


Mostapha, so if we have an overhanging awning or any type of shading structure we add it to the solver as HBContext? Is this correct? Do you have any examples of what RAD Materials settings might be applied to shading? For instance aluminum, GFRC, concrete or fabric?

You need to be more specif. What type of simulation?

Here is a library for Radiance materials:






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