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Hi Mostapha

 1. I am using  Ladybug.

 I set the computer to 24 hours but I counted 23. I am missing one hour of the sun. 

Why am I missing one hour?

2. I reduced mesh on my igloo and run radiation. But now it has blue spots. How to fix it?

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Hi Michalina, Nice work! :)

1. Ladybug sun-path doesn't plot the last hour in the analysis. For example if you go to school form 9-6 you're not going to be at school at 6 itself. There a number of discussions on the forum about this topic. You simply need to add one more hour (25 hours) to see 24 hours on sun-path.

2. When you reduce the mesh density there are cases that test point falls behind the mesh face which will get no radiation. To avoid this issue you need to increase _distanceFromBase.

Hope it helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.


I just saw the reply from Antonello. Updating ladybug may solve the first issue.

Hi Mostapha,

my mistake, it is not because of the update but of the type of input you use.

by making a list of 24 hours.




Hi Antonello, Thank you for the update. Good observation. My above statement is only correct about analysisPeriod.


Thank you for the reply but sun path didn't work. The update did not work.

Please  look at my file. The mesh did work.


Hi Michalina, Check the attached file. I used hour, day, month input instead of analysisPeriod. This should solve the problem.

Here is the file.


Hi Mostapha,

Is there any chance that you could modify Sunpath component so when there is no sun it still show sunpath but without sun?





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