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Hi everyone, 

For my master thesis I'm making a parametric design of a concrete tube in tube tower. 

The goal is to use precast concrete elements. But at the moment I'm struggling with making the connections between the elements. I have the feeling that all my different shell elements are rigid connected. With the help of springs I tried to give in this example the corner connections of the outer tube different values, but it doesn't matter how low or high i set the spring stiffness, the displacement doesn't change were I expected it to change a little bit when the connection between the elements gets weaker. 

Hope some one can help me with this!

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Hi Anne,

Did you find what to do ? I think I have the same problem (Shell elements are rigid connected and I want to unlock some translate or rotate connections between them) and I don't know how to resolve it.. 

Can you help me ? 

Thank for your answer and hope you resolve your problem rapidly ! 







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