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Optimizing eccentricities in Reciprocal Frame using Karamba does not work

Hi Karamba Team,

Currently I’m trying to optimize and equalize eccentricities in a Reciprocal Frame using initial strains. This by adding line length dependent strains to each eccentricity line using Hooke’s Law;


ε = ΔL / L


in which ΔL is determined by taking the difference between ‘preferable’ and old length. In the attached simplified model this works fine (TEST). However, in the more complex RF model, also attached, this doesn’t work.


All deformed lines in the model should be linear or as straight as possible after the ‘form finding’ procedure. The right eccentricity length should be found by shortening / lengthening of all lines / beams. I’m trying to accomplish this using different beam stiffness’s. Is this the right approach? Or do you have another idea how I can accomplish the optimized eccentricity line lengths and fix the model using Karamba?



Tom Godthelp
The RF model

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Dear Tom,

when I open the file 'RF ECC Karamba Initial' the 'Analyze ThII' component reports that there are seven rigid body modes in the model. Maybe this is part of the problem.

In case your calculation involves large displacments you should use the 'Large Deformation Analysis'- or 'Analysis Nonlinear WIP'-component. Maybe this discussion is then helpful for you.



Hi Clemens!

Thank you very much for your reply! I cleaned the data and reorganized it a bit. It works almost perfectly now!

However, there's still one thing I'd like to ask: Do you have an idea how to make the beams 'infinitely' stiff in bending and weak in compression and tension (with respect to deformation) without changing bending and buckling activation in 'Modify Element component'? Furthermore, I cannot open or find the forum link you provided. It doesn’t exist anymore?

Best regards,


Hi Tom,

here is the correct link:

The 'Modify CroSecs'-component gives you full access to the cross section properties. Here you can select arbitrary values for the axial and bending stiffness. Then use e.g. the 'Modify Element'-component to set the element cross section.



Hi Clemens,

Thanks! My script now works perfectly! Strange, I still cannot open the link.


Hi Tom,

here the link: I hope it works now - otherwise search the karamba discussions for 'prestress-multiple-members'.



Hi Clemens,

Yes it works, beautiful! Thanks!







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