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Hello all, I'm very, very new to Karamba, so please forgive me if these are stupid/common questions. I tried googling but for some reason I couldn't find an answer.

Basically, I tried using the Karamba Mesh Breps component to mesh a trimmed surface with some arbitrary points included, but for some reason it keeps returning bad meshes with holes and non-manifold surfaces. So far the only work-around I've managed to find was to bake the bad mesh, fix it in Rhino by manually deleting the extra faces/filling the gaps, then bringing it back into grasshopper, but that's tiring and not very foolproof.

Has anyone else experienced this? How do I mesh breps properly? Alternatively, is there some way to fix meshes within grasshopper? 

I'll upload the rhino and gh files if necessary, but they're quite big and I feel like it's a pretty general problem I'm facing at the moment.

Thanks everyone!

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Hi Claire,

Not sure what algorithm the Karamba meshing tool uses, but in the past we've used Piker's Meshmachine to create fair meshes before analysis. Available here or as part of Kangaroo 1 I believe (not sure if there is a K2 implementation).

Here is an example of an output for an open BRep with holes:

Hope this might help,







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