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Hi guys,

I am experiencing some problems when setting up a large deformation analysis in Karamba. 

Rhino seems to crash each time I connect the 'model output' from the 'assemble' component to the 'model input' from the 'LaDeform' component in the attached files. Using a different PC has so far resulted in the same error.

Does anybody know what is going wrong here?



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Hi Arthur,

there are unconnected nodes in the model (see attached definition). Due to a bug in Karamba 1.2.2 this leads to a crash in the LaDeform-component. With Karamba 1.3.0 this crash does not occur.




Thanks Clemens, I've updated Karamba and it's working now. 

I've got two more questions about the large deformation analysis.

1) Does this analysis also take into account 2nd order effects caused by normal force? So far I was assuming it doesn't, because increasing the load doesn't cause the system to buckle. Buckling does occur in the TH2 analysis.

So, is there a way to take into account the deformation of the geometry + the effect of normal forces on the stability in Karamba? 

2) Is it true that nodal displacements cannot be read after large deformation analysis. The 'Nodal displacement' component is giving me the following error:

"1. Model of iteration #0: There are no calculated results available for the model. Did you forget to calculate the model?"

Thanks again,


The 'Large Deformation Analysis'-component is meant for formfinding only. It is based on a purely incremental procedure and therefore not sufficiently accurate to get cross section forces or stresses from it (see manual).

In case you want to have second order theory with large displacements try the 'AnalyzeNonlin'-component of Karamba 1.3.

ad 2.: the message is correct since the displacements are used to update the nodal coordinates of the system.








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