algorithmic modeling for Rhino

please post here in case of karamba problems !

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Hello Dave,

Karamba3D beam elements use the Timoshenko beam theory.



Hi. I have received this morning the student license. I have followed these steps:

- Load license file

- Chech licese status - everything looks correct at this point. (Karamba1.2.2 - build 161020 and license type student)

- when i check license by opnening the check definition. it says license not installed correctly. and i don't eveything available. 

why is this?

Thank you


from the image that you sent, it seems that you are missing some components. This happens when you install the Free version. Uninstall the current version of Karamba that you have and reinstall it as a FULL/TRIAL version and then activate the license.


yes!! Is working now, thank you very much!!

Another question,Most of the examples in the website are in karamba3d 1.3.1. Do you have them in 1.2.2?

the examples can be found in the installation folder (Rhino \ Plugins \ Karamba \ Examples)


I can ask one question,How can I keep the displacement constant to optimize just the weight?

Hi Masoumeh,

Have a look at Problems 3.1 and 3.2 in this paper.

The displacement is not kept constant, but it is not allowed to exceed a the allowed threshold.

In necessary, the objective function could be adapted to optimize for a specific displacement value.



thank you

Hi Masoumeh,

in case you want to design your structure towards a maximum displacement limit only, you can use the 'OptiCroSec'-component: Set the input of 'MaxUtil' to a large value and specify the limit for the maximum displacement via the 'MaxDisp' input-plug. More details can be found in the manual.

By default the cross sections of the Karamba3D cross section tables are sorted for ascending cross section height. You can change this: Double-click on the Karamba3D desktop icon and rename 'CrossSectionValues_sortedForWeight.csv' to 'CrossSectionValues.csv'. Alternatively sort the cross sections in Grasshopper using a Sort-component.



I have a question.

My karamba doesn't read the file paths for cross sections. I have to import it my self like the picture below. How can i fix this? with out having to import it my self everytime I use a new grasshopper-karamba file.






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