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Hi all Karamba users,

I've been discussing with Clemens (and advancing on) a utility to extract the Karamba Structural Analysis model so that it could be verified or advanced in alternative commercial structural analysis software.  I know that Karamba can presently export to RSTAB, but I'm working on enabling this further for a wider range of software.

At least initially the primary options are the software that I have developed plugins for.  This includes Oasys GSA, Autodesk Robot, SAP2000, Sofistik, Spacegass, Strand7/Straus7 and hopefully shortly SCIA.  The way this exporter would work also means that any structural analysis software recognizing the structural analysis aspects of IFC could also be utilized.

At present I've developed various plugins to allow user generation of model data from grasshopper, but a Karamba exporter would allow users to operate entirely in Grasshopper for initial design, but then automatically extract the model without rebuilding all the components with geomgym equivalents.  This would permit verification of the model results, and often projects have mandates on using specific (often certified) software for detailed design calculations.

If you're interested in participating in the early testing and advancing of this feature, please post here or get in touch.



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Hi Jon, hope you're well. Funnily enough I have been doing this very recently. Happy to test things.

Hi Jon, 

we did something similar in my research group creating a new plugin called karambaToSofistik

Here is the link for free downloading:

This plugin has been tested few times and we are still working on it.



Hi Jon, yes, I'm interested. And if we'll get also Karamba shell elements and loads for those exported, it'll be big step forward.


Hi Jon, 

I'd like to be part of the testing. I second Markku - getting to export shell elements would be a great step.



Hi Jon!

I'd also like to try the test plugin for Robot. 


Hi Jon. 

As we have discussed previously, I work a lot with both Geometry Gym and Karamba3D, so I would be happy to participate. :)

It would be escpecially the use of Robot that I would find interesting. 

Like mentioned already here in the comments, being able to export shell elements, as well as being able to define span direction, Robot numbering, further "back import" results etc. would be great features :)

Best regards Rasmus

Ok, so I've uploaded the first installers.

Some sample files attached.  I'm still to implement releases and other attributes, but if you need them, let me know.  I've concentrated on GSA and Robot seeing these are the most popular requests, but if you want to test others let me know.

I look forward to hearing feedback.




Hi Jon!

I'm interested in helping out.

Right now i'm getting this message:

1. Solution exception:Could not load file or assembly 'karamba, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The module was expected to contain an assembly manifest.

I'm assuming it might have to do with the installation path. is it possible? 

Also, from the regular Karamba Component i get this:

[1]: Could not export cross section of type Karamba.CrossSections.CroSec_Shell.

Both for the Truss Example.



Hi Bruno,

Thanks for the post.  From your message, this suggests you have not got a version of my plugin compatible with installed Karamba.

I presently support two builds of Karamba, the latest official (to my knowledge at this point in time 1.0.5) and then a WIP build (1.1.0).  There are two installers on the downloads page.

If you don't think this is the case (and changing doesn't fix, note you might have to uninstall from windows control panel to cross-grade), then send me an email with the karamba installer name that you used.



Hi Kirk,

Sorry, I need to improve the recognition of the plugin installation in the license generating routine.  I've sent you an email.

Note if the structural analysis software you are exporting to doesn't support IFC (or doesn't recognize the structural analysis attributes within IFC), you're also going to need to use the converters I've developed. It's best to manually put a note in the license request at this point in time.



Hi kirk,

Did you solve that problem?
I have the same problem with sap2000!

Hi Marco,

Check your email, I sent you a new license file.








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