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Hello, i have this kind of problem, i know which problem i have but i want understand wich is the rapid way for solve, the problem is this:

"There are 26 rigid body modes in the system. This means some parts can move freely without causing deformation.
Try to use the 'Eigen Modes'-component and activate the display of local coordinate axes: The first eigen-mode will be the rigid body motion.
If this does not help, check whether you have a pinned support directly attached to a hinge. A hinge introduces an extra node which may cause the problem.
When analyzing a flat shell structure one has to lock the rotation perpendicular to the plate in at least one node"

I know is not a problem of support, but the problem is that i have many separate line, i don't know why, i want delete rapid not by hand, is it possible? maybe with eigen mode but i don't know how

thank you

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Hi Francesco,

you could filter out the largest connected part with the 'Connected Parts'-component and/or increase the snapping tolerance for neighboring nodes (see attached definition).





Now i have the same problem with a structure more big than the last, but now The rigid body mode in the system are 133. I try in many way but it doesn't work

Thank you



Hi Francesco,

when you place the "Connected Parts" component after the assemble model component, you can see that there are parts of the model not connected to the main structure. This is causing the problem in the calculation. Check your original model to eliminate this problem.








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