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I have a problem in defining 3D Objects in Karamba. What I am trying to do, is that I have 3D scanned a few Irregular stones. So I have their 3D meshes in grasshopper. Then I am trying to assemble them in grasshopper using Aluminium pipes as interfaces, and then I want to Analyze the entire structure with Karamba.

As far as I have understood, we define 1D objects as beams, and 2D objects as shells in Karamba. I've read somewhere that 3D objects can be defined in Karamba as tetrahedron objects. Though I couldn't find any tetrahedron in my Karamba. (Source: )

Can anyone help please?

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To the best of my knowledge you can model 3D meshes in karamba (tetrahedron or any other type). The article you linked also doesn't say you can do that in karamba.

Thank you very much for your reply Filipe.

would you please help me by telling me how can I define a 3D mesh in Karamba? Do you mean just by using "Mesh to Shell" component?

Sorry, my bad! I meant to say you can't model 3D meshes in Karamba. You can model 2.5D meshes or shells using the Mesh to Shell component.

:D Alright, thanks, man!:D






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