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Hello -- I'm mostly brand new to Karamba.  We had a workshop here at school for a week, and were given Gh templates to work with for our studio projects.  I've reconstructed our structural model, but I seem to be having trouble with the façade mesh -- despite being a polysurface and named appropriately, it doesn't seem to be catching.  The 'shell' or core Breps are, but not the façade.

Please help -- also, any feedback on the construction of the model itself would be helpful.  I'm mostly guessing, but would love it to be accurate.

Additionally, if it matters at all, our façade proposal is based on a polycarbonate panel system.


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Hi Ashley,

How is it going? I opened your Rhino file and apparently there is no "loadSrf_facade" layer in it. 

Perhaps this is the issue with your file?

Just remember to use the exact same names in your layers and in your pipeline components in Grasshopper.

Hope this helps,


Oops! I think I had the layer turned off when I exported, sorry about that -- good first start, lol.  Let's try again :)


Okay, let us know!


Hi Rafael,

I re-uploaded the file in my last posting -- did you see it? It should have the layer on there -- I just had it turned off in the original post.

Thank you!


Hey Ashley,

Find attached a reworked version. Now the facade load is working.




Hi Rafael,

Thanks very much for fixing that! Now, the only issue I'm having, is that it won't bake with the rest of the model? I have Mesh components connected to the BeamView and ShellView components at the end, but the ShellView only bakes the cores.  Please advise -- again, this is still super new to me, so I'm sorry for asking potentially obvious questions.

Also, are you the same Rafael who was with us at SCI-Arc a couple weeks ago for the workshop? :)

Thank you!


Hi Ashley,

I think that you have to connect one Mesh component to the Beam View and another one to the Shell View, and then bake them separately so that you can get the cores (from the ShellView) and all of the Beam+Columns+Bracing elements (from the BeamView) into Rhino. 

Please give it a try.

Yes! Same Rafael here. It was great to be at SCI-Arc!!

Small little world -- we so enjoyed having you, Mark, and Moritz with us for that week -- learned so much!

I'm attaching a screen cap of what I have in the script -- mesh components are separate, but like I mentioned, when I bake the component from ShellView, only the cores are baked, not the façade mesh.  Is there a way to include the façade in the same bake with the cores?


Try to input both the MeshView and ShellView output into one single mesh component. Then bake and see how it goes.

Looking forward to visiting again! 

Hmm, I'm not seeing 'MeshView' as a component.  ShellView and BeamView are there, but MeshView doesn't come up as an option.  The façade is read as a load, and then linked to Loads input on 'Assemble' component.  I'm able to bake the façade mesh from the Loads input area; however, it doesn't show the red/white/blue compression/tension bakeable mesh.  The only things that bake are the overall structure and the cores.

On a separate, but related note -- is there a way to assign material to the façade, similar to how the cores and framing are selected?

I've just had an 'a-ha!' moment: am I not able to bake this mesh for the façade because it's only reading it as being related to loads and not to structure or materials?

Sorry, I meant the BeamView. 

That's correct, the facade is only being read by Karamba as an "envelope mesh" from which it should generate the wind loads on to the structure. Therefore, it will not be processed as a structural component at all. 

You could use input your facade as a shell element into the assemble component, using an independent BeamId for it (not the same as the concrete cores) and using the adequate inclusion points when meshing it (iPts at the MeshBrep Component), and then assing it a custom made material (glass, polycarbonate, etc).

However, since this facade, I assume is not a crucial structural piece you need for your building to hold up (i.e. the diagonal bracing at the facade level is holding most of your structure up), I think you should consider it as polycarbonate only and analyze it independently at a future stage.

Long story short, I think you don't need to make your glass facade part of your current model.

Hope this helps.



Huge help, yes, Rafael, thank you.  This little exercise has really helped me to understand the script more and how all of the components work together.  

I'm really enjoying using Karamba, and look forward to learning more! Thank you so much for your help with this -- so greatly appreciated :)






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