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Sorry for asking lots of questions, am running different problems with Karamba so have lots of problems...

Does anyone know how we can optimize the cross section for a grid in a way that for each element the optimized section will be assigned with the objectives of minimum weight and minimum deflection of the whole structure?

Thanks a lot for any help


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Either use the 'OptiCroSec'-component of Karamba (it's part of the Trial-, Pro- and Pro-Student version) or the C#-script contained in the 'IterativeGridshell'-example which can be found at

The former does cross section design according to Eurocode 3, the latter is a simplification which only works for circular tubes. Both optimize cross sections with respect to the ultimate limit case. If you want to limit deflection you can e.g. scale down material strength (fy). See the manual for details.




Thanks for reply.

The GH definition on iteratice-gridshell-design-using-hoopsnake doesn't work, could you please reupload it?


Also, is there any example for using OptiCroSec component? Is this component optimize cross sections for each elements individually?


Thanks for the help and great work

We will fix the problem with the example as soon as possible. In the meantime I send you the IterativeGridShell-example - however I've found only an old version of it.

There is currently no example for CroSecOpti on our website. Thank's for the hint we will change that. I attached a simple beam example with cross section optimization.





Thank you so much for the new links. However, I am not sure if it is because there is something else out of date, or it is just that I can't fix the problem, but the iterative definition is not working...

Any idea?

I get the singular stiffness matrix error on the analysis components.



try to replace the definition for the geometry with something simpler (e.g. simply supported beam consisting of several sections) to check whether the C#-script does what you expect.








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