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I have a question about making load combinations in Karamba. I can get different load cases but now I want to use the same load case with a different factor for different models or provide the different combinations of load cases into one model. Does someone has an idea how I could make combinations of load cases. Or at least know how I could multiply a load with a factor.

As example I want to have

1,2*permanent load + 1,5*Variable instantaneous + 1,5*variable extreme


1,2*permanent load + 1,5*variable extreme + 1,0 Accidental load

From those two examples of load combinations I want to know which one is for different elements of my structure dominant. Can someone help me with putting this into Karamba?

Kind regards,

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Hello Eef,

at the moment (Karamba 1.3.1) one has to do the combinations manually.

One approach would be to set up one list of numbers for each load. These lists contain either '0' or the corresponding load-factor for each load-case. Then multiply the list with the load-value to generate lists of loads.



Hi Eef, Here is an example of how load combinations can be set up.






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