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Hi everyone,

I just got a new computer and try to install Kangaroo. Apparently it does not start properly I receved this message. I'm running the latest version of GH and RHino On a Windows 8.1 machine.

I did unblock all the .dll files and search for previuos versions (this is a new computer so no previous version).

I'm also attaching the loading exeptions as a txt file.

I've contacted Daniel diectly via email, but I havent receaved news from him

Any idea

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yeah, i'm also getting this...

This problem was mentioned by a few other people before and there are two things Daniel suggested: checking that the files are not "blocked" (i am guessing he means read-only) and deleting all other kangaroo gha and dll files from the computer (except the ones "installed", as in moved in the Libraries / UserObects folders). Unfortunately i followed both suggestions but i still get the errors.

Hi Claudio and Andrei,
A blocked file is different from read-only. When a dll or gha file comes from another computer, Windows sometimes blocks it from running for security reasons. If a file is blocked, this shows up in the file properties when right clicking it in explorer, and there will be a button saying "unblock" which you need to click and then "apply". This needs to be done for all the kangaroo and plankton dll AND gha files.

Cool, thanks for the support!

Thank you Daniel for your help. Indeed unblocking the files did solve the problem.







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