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trouble bending a flat module so that it becomes tridimensional

Hey all,

I want to get from a flat shape to something like in the above pic.

I attached simplified definition of my approach so that someone can take a look (it uses Kangaroo 2)

Thanks you for the interest!

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I made some very small adjustments to your def, and it seems to work fine:

You were pulling the strips together with only single points, and I changed this to groups of points so that they cannot rotate around. Also, I added a 'Grab' and pulled the top and bottom apart when it was running. Often with this kind of buckling there are multiple possible directions it could go, so being able to nudge it towards the desired one can be useful.


Hey, Daniel! Thanks for taking the time! I couldn't get the same result unfortunately. If i don't pull on the strips, i get the same result as before, if I do pull, i always get something like in pthe pics below (I pulled near the center both up and down for the 2 sets).. I also need this to be parametric since i intend to populate a surface with these. Maybe i can make it a 2-step action: first pull the radial strips up/down to some extend and then pull them together, but for the moment i'll be happy to get the same result as in your snapshot.

that mesh you made would actually help me atm. since i am trying to get a sense of scale between different elements, so if i;m not asking too much and you have the time, maybe you could send me the result as 3dm

Also, is there a way to extract the bending stresses out of the resulting geometry?

Thanks again for your support!






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