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Hi All ..

I'm posting here as kangaroo is aimed to Phisycal behaviours and reactions....

I was trying to simulate thermal transfer between a spherical tank and fluid (water) inside it, and also simulate natural convection.... I've been searching the web for a while to find some simulation software (windows and linux) for thermal and fluids, after testing many of them I have some success with Elmer and OpenFoam... But what I really miss is the flexibility and graphical aproach of Rhino, Grasshopper and Kangaroo Physics..

  I think simple convection fluids behaviour could be achieved with some formulas and particles, or maybe modifying hydrostatic pressure module... I could and will try to develop a module for that ....just give me a couple of ....years ;-) ...or at least I would love to help on developing this ...but heat transfer simulation is really far away from my knowledge....

Has anybody seen some approach on thermal physics, I have seen many thermal or energy simulation modules in grasshopper (@ food4rhino) but most of them are intended to be used in building efficiency and energy optimization...

So far simulation is working good enough for my needs with Elmer but just in case someone has any ideas or experience to share.

Many thanks in advance


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Hi Guys!
I have sImilar project as mentioned above. Are there any new tools addressing the topic of thermal conductivity?
I’m specifically interested in simulation of heat exchangers efficiency.






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