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solid definition/collisions in kangaroo 2 for cloth draping

Recently I have been experimenting with the collision tools in K2, but I find that I'm having some difficulty in defining solids. Specifically, I have been experimenting with dropping fabrics onto solid surfaces, but I find that my fabric tends to slip through. At best, the fabric lands on the middle of the solid, but glitches through the edges. 

I have attached my latest attempt to do this. My conclusion is that my 'solid' boundary definition is not working correctly, but I don't know how to fix it. 

While I have downloaded the example file for a cloth falling on a cylinder in Kangaroo 0.99, I have no idea how to do it in K2, or in fact how the many collision tools in K2 differ from each other. If there's a tutorial series or otherwise on how they work, I would also appreciate that very much.

I also found this video which shows cloth being draped very successfully on a solid, and if anyone could explain how I could even begin to create such an accurate model/definition, I would be much obliged. 

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