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Has anybody worked with anything similar to accumulation of snow/water?

Eg. making more or less simple particle simulation with a certain downward force, combined with small/simple wind forces acting on a solid/mesh to see where the snow will accumulate with different wind directions?

The attached is a quick, very first and bad test :)

Best regards Rasmus 

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Interesting application. I made a few tweaks to the parameters in your definition to get it to accumulate.

This got me thinking about particle emitters again, since it is obviously limiting us here that all the particles which are going to fall have to exist above the scene from the start, and most of them end up flying far away.

Creating particle emitters in a script should be easy enough, but seems it would be difficult to make it work as a standard goal component, because of the way the indexing works - if we want to apply other goals to the emitted particles, that is hard to set up, since they do not exist at the start of the simulation.

One solution that occurred to me would be to have a goal which collects all the particles which go beyond some threshold, and then re-emits them from some source location. That way all the forces like gravity and wind would still be effective on the 'new' particles.


Ramus & Daniel

Is it possible to count the shocks between the particles and the breps?
If so, it could be used for people to escape in urban or confined places


Hi Arthur,

Yes it would be possible to count the number of collisions, if you took the code for the existing collision goal code from here, and added a line to increment a counter whenever a collision occurs.

However, I'd be extremely cautious of drawing any conclusions related to crowd movement from this kind of simulation, since it seems a rather extreme simplification to treat people's movement as elastic spheres moving under wind/gravity.

Thanx Daniel

I will try ... although I do not know how to add an increment in programming forces, I am aware of the simplication but would like to be able to count the shocks and add mass and speed the particles as in Kangaroo1

i found a nice plugin called eve rain.

do check it out, it gives you the flow trains on the surface / mesh too. 






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