algorithmic modeling for Rhino

exciting work here. just installed kangaroo. was wondering if anyone
out there was working on a similar problem to the one i'm figuring to
try out in goal is to develop a little building envelop
tool which adjusts basic geometric parameters (design options) based
on positive and negative static and dynamic air (wind) pressure values
as well as other geometric parameters (design givens). i have a bunch
of the multivariable equations and benchmark values required to do the
'pressure equalization' (actually pressure modulation) calc's /
simulations. haven't ever gotten around to working this problem out
and this looks like it would be a good environment to do it in. any
suggestions anyone may have would be greatly appreciated. i'll post
results and problems as i work through. thanks again. great stuff all!

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Hi Seth,


Sounds like an interesting project. Please do post questions as they come up.

As I was just mentioning in another thread (

- we do aim to put in a simple wind force soon, and it sounds like something that might come in useful here.








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