algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This example shows the use of the new user object for origami simulation.

As input you provide a flat mesh of the folding pattern, curves to assign as either mountain or valley folds, target angles, and folding amount, with 0 being flat and 1 being completely folded.

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Hola Luchito ! todo bien ?

very cool! thanks :)

Cool stuff !
Thank U so much...


its amazing! thanks

this icon is not in the Kangaroo, the installed version is 0.096, could someone help me?

Muchas Gracias!


Hi Luis, If you mean the main Kangaroo component itself is not showing up, then try following my suggestions here to Nathaniel.

Hi Marcus - not yet, but soon - I'm still working on getting a properly organized collection of example files together to go with this new release...

Thank you!

i cant find the time control in kangaroo


To bring up the time control, you double click the main kangaroo component on the canvas (the one with the kangaroo icon)

thx ,dude i own u too much






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