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Hi Daniel. How to use the Kangaroo in order to build net Chebyshev? It is possible to make the edges of equal length? changing only the angle between them.

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Hi spiral, for a description of one approach to this please see my earlier comment.

each building on the, kangaroos and component spring helps, but it's all possible easier, thanks for the reply, the author of the reference mark, sorry that she now does not exist, your method with the code С# of interest

Hi Spiral,

Here is a definition which equalizes the lengths of the edges of a mesh.

For open surfaces you could also try draping a mesh over them, with the edge lengths fixed.


Thank you Daniel, I hope that is the optimization of the grid edge lengths fixed feature will be included in Rhino6

Hi Daniel,

thank you for the code! But i am struggling to get the equal length. what is meant by "bake then select top and bottom row"?

what do you mean with top and bottom row?

Thank you in advance!


Hey, I coded a script that generates such a mesh. Let me know how well / badly it works.

Hello Tim. Works with version 6. He only thinks about choosing new points for a long time. Is it possible to do for version. 5. Less than two years have passed. Thanks for the new script and the opportunity to work. I hope your decision will help in the Rhino edition 7.

Plugin version: 1.0.0004
Archive file written with newer version: 1.0.0005
Grasshopper file might not deserialize correctly






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