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Hi Guys, 

With Kangaroo2 I'm looking for a way to apply a spring force where the rest length can be one of several values. Just like LengthSnap but with distinct values as opposed to multiples of a base value. 

Can anyone think of a solution?


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Hi Simon,

I can't think of a way to do this with existing components, but it would be a fairly simple new goal to add.

I'll have a go at this soon.

You would save my life ;)

Here you go


What am I doing wrong?


Have you set the referenced kangaroo assembly to the same one being loaded by grasshopper? It won't work if you select a different copy of the same file.

Another thing to try is switching off the COFF loading option, which you get to by typing GrasshopperDeveloperSettings on the Rhino command line. You need to restart Rhino after changing this.

Thanks so much, Daniel. Working like a charm now. I'll throw it onto the problem I'm trying to solve tomorrow!

Life saved. Thanks a lot.

Is there a way to have the stepped sizing dynamically change while the solver is running? For example, it stays snapped to a size until it receives enough force to jump to the next size. Right now it seems to set this at the beginning and it never changes.

Thank you!






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