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I just posted a new version on Food4Rhino.

This adds some new features and settings, and fixes some minor bugs.

Because the solver component now has an additional input (a tolerance setting for the distance at which points combine into a single particle), it will give an error message when opening definitions made with 2.0

This can be fixed by simply deleting the solver component and replacing it with the new one.

The example definitions and notes included in the download have been updated.

I will be posting some more example files demoing the new features soon in this thread:

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magic Scripting, works fine, the code multiverse


Is there a plan in the future to reallow iterative solving? This new solver is amazing but it's also nice to step through a problem, for example to record each step of the solution. Does the new refactoring allow for this? I don't think we need quite the control of before with timestep and iterations per but even a boolean to the effect of "preview iterations" would do the trick.

I'm thinking of situations like below:

Thanks for bringing us new goals.

I'm noticing a weird behaviour where the solver doesn't seem to do (or just display? not sure which) any calculations unless I'm moving around the viewport with the RMB... I don't think that it's always been doing this, but in at least this one definition I'm working on, I can't figure out how to get it to calculate otherwise. Help appreciated.

Hi Gwendolyn,

It's hard to say without seeing the definition, but my guess would be that the threshold input is set too high. The solver keeps running until the kinetic energy is below this value. The default is 1e-15, which is usually plenty low enough, unless the model is extremely small.

I think you're right; when the Threshold was set to 0, it seemed to run fine. It was just peculiar that when it was set higher, it only seemed to display while moving the viewport...

All in all, immensely wonderful update. Though I will echo past sentiments requesting multi-radii functionality on the Collide Spheres component (it'd make a lot of things a lot easier for me).

haha, love the "smooth" icon

Hey, Daniel, thanks a lot for the new tool!
Shouldn't the Mesh tab exist in this one too? I'm guessing those components won't be modified, but it would be nice to have them in K2, so that at a future time, when K1 is not installed anymore, they don't dispensary from the definition.

also, is AnchorXYZ gonna appear in K2 as well?

Hi Andrei,

Yes, I'll move all the utilities such as the mesh tab over to the new version in time.

The functionality of AnchorXYZ is already possible in the new version using OnPlane/OnCurve (if constrained in Z, a point moves on the XY plane, if constrained in X and Y it moves on a line in the Z direction, and so on), but I will add a dedicated component for this, as I realize it would be handy.

Ok, thanks for answering!






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