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Hi Everyone I'm starting to use Kangaroo2

It is amazing and super intuitive.

I'm trying to replicate things that are done in kangaroo 1.

It works like a charm.

I'm just having trouble understanding something

I'm trying to inflate a sphere inside a box, and it behaves in a weird manner.

When I apply pressure it moves upwards, even though it should stay still. since the pressures should pull equally in opposing directions. Then when it reached the boundary of the cage it just starts spinning out of control.


In the inflation plus collision examples from kangaroo 1, the mesh was more stable when colliding.

I attach the file, any help would be much appreciated.

Thank in advance, and thanks Daniel for such an amazing plug in

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this is because pressure goal works with triangles, even you input quad mesh it takes first 3 vertices of mesh face :

the same goes with hinge goal even it does not give error it does not take into account 4th vertex

the same goes inside component:

Thanks Petras.

So basically when using Kangaroo, just to be on the safe side, I should always use triangulated meshes, not quads.

It is weird because i had used it for inflating a quad mesh that was not spherical and it worked fine

Thanks for the insight.

Hi Nicolas,

Any chance you can upload this definition?







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