algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi Daniel,


Thanks so much for making all your work available, it's so impressive !


Could you please explain the logic behind the "Flip Index" operation which precedes the "BANG!" in the Inflate Definition ? Got a bit confused there...


Many thanks,




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That was just an alternative to having 3 List Item components with Index 0,1 and 2.


I needed to get the vertices of each triangle, but they come out of the explode component as 1 path per triangle, each containing a list of 4 points, whereas the Kangaroo pressure component needs a list of all the 1st points per triangle, another list of all the 2nd points etc...


It would actually be nice to have an 'explode list' component for this.


Anyway, for the next release I do plan to add a component that can just take a mesh and a pressure level, and output all the pressure forces (or in the meantime, you could make a cluster to do this from the necessary part of this definition).



Thanks Daniel,

very helpful.






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