algorithmic modeling for Rhino


I would like to simulate a surface like this.


Any ideas appreciated :)

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Here's a quick go at it. A spring mesh with a stiffer edge cable.

I started with a surface trimmed split with a curve like this:

then meshed it and anchored the outer edge and the two inside ends. then started the simulation and pulled those ends up and down to get the shape.

The trickiest part is getting a decent mesh from the surface that is reasonably even and not too dense.


hm interesting :) do you think any of the Wb components could organize the mesh into nice quads?

Do you know why do I get an error like this?

Have you checked to see which of the force components you are getting the nulls from ?
Also - I suspect that mesh will behave a bit oddly because it is so uneven and has some very skinny triangles.

You could even use another kangaroo definition to generate an even starting mesh by constraining mutually repelling particles to the surface, letting them relax, then taking a Delaunay mesh of them.
hm Daniel I seem to have problems generating the starting mesh... I don't quite get the technique you described above. I tried subdividing it with weaverbird but I always end up with small spiky triangles that don't work very well...

When you mesh the surface in rhino, if you play around with the detailed options you can avoid the thin triangles.

Alternatively, there is probably a way to start with a very simple regular mesh and pull it into the right shape.

much simpler
mmm yes! that is much better :) thank you!
Thanks Daniel! It's such a treat to get these definitions to play around with.

Seeing that made me think - this is basically half of Riemman's minimal surface :

which I got by relaxing this:

You can then start cutting and stitching levels together:

(The mesh is smooth - that shading discontinuity is just because Rhino can't unify the normals of the mesh, as this is now a non-orientable surface)







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